The art of lighting wisely.

Where we started

The Benedetti family has been in the lighting industry since 1959, allowing BCM to become a point of reference. Design and technical innovation are the keys to success from generation to generation and the uninterrupted family management ensures the highest standard of quality and service.

What we do

In the factory we produce lighting systems and to customers we offer refined emotions through the beauty of our light. BCM, high class Italian design and reliable systems for Marine, Contract, Home lighting.

How we work

BCM provides the customer with a dedicated technical sales team.Upon request, the team works closely with designers to customize products from its collections, as well as in the design and production of bespoke items. The technical sales team supports the customer at every stage in order to simplify the decision-making process.

All in one place

Our customers’ wishes come true in a single location that includes management, sales, research & development, design and production. Faster, full process quality control, less transport and carbon emissions.

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